Finding your way...
Valmorel is found above - and just before - Moutiers, at the entrance of the Tarantaise Valley.

Head for Albertville using the N212 from Annecy - or using the A43 motorway from Chambéry.

When you arrive in Albertville from either direction, follow the dual carriageway N90 towards Moutiers. Exit from the N90 at Sortie 37 or Sortie 38 and follow the signs up to Valmorel.

When reaching the welcome sign just before Valmorel, keep following the road further up and look for the signs guiding you all the way up to the Planchamp hameaux (hamlet).
At first sign...
Go straight.
Autres Hameaux
(Other hamlets).

Second sign and onwards... Follow directions to Planchamp and the P4/P5 parking area:

You need to decide if you want to park underground at P4 or P5 (costs a little extra) or park in open air on top of P4 and P5. For more information on parking conditions at Valmorel, please see:

The chalet Les Marches is found at number 32 on the map
below. To get there, you need to drive all the way arround the
centre of Valmorel and keep going upwards, following the signs
to Planchamp and the P4/P5 parking area on your way up:

From the parking areas P4/P5 (or on top as shown below), walk down towards the entrance of the Planchamp hameau (area).
Pass the Reception of Maeva:

After passing the Maeva Reception, go left past the containers and take the shortcut through the tunnel under the
La Ruelle chalet:

Go through the tunnel:

You have now reached the stairways of Les Marches at level 2. Turn left one level up the stairs:

Follow the small signs leading to the apartment:

Welcome to Valmorel

Enjoy your holiday