Summer in Valmorel...

Valmorel is not just a superb winter ski resort. Valmorel is also a wonderfull place in the summer just on the edge between green pinetree forests and the grass covered mountain pastures. The mountain summer climate is rather hot yet refreshing and not at all humid. Valmorel offers alot of summertime activities for all the family covering relaxing rays in the sun at the town swimmingpool to adventurous sports in the air, water or in the hills above.

Restaurants, shops and bars in Valmorel are open all summer. The lifts run in turn on different days during summertime, providing easy access to the tops for everyone.

Summer activities include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Childrens playground
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Paragliding
  • Tennis
  • Kayaking & conyoning
  • White water rafting

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    Summer pictures below:

      Valmorel town in summer:

      Enjoy your lunch in the sun:

      Valmorel seen from the Les Lanchettes piste (Fontaine area):

      A spring flower on the Combe du Morel piste:

      Hiking on the pistes:

      Kids enjoying the mountains:

      Afternoon at the heated pool:

      - ahh...

      Childrens playground in Valmorel:

      Fun at the playground:


      - and round we go...:

      Les Marches (the apartment):

      Les Marches from another angle:

      Balcony summer view:

      Summer view into the Morel Valley:

      The waterfall just 150 meters across from the apartment:

      Spring fountain at Les Marches: